Mini German Pancakes

Morning! faithful followers of awesome breakfasts! Here I am testing new recipes .. But today I give you this easy and super fast way to make Mini Pancakes but with identity problems because they think they’re bowls as well…can fill them with what you fancy and you may do several at the same time .. Yes! It goes in the oven! But it is worth it!

Makes 6
Tiempo cocción:
15 mins
Tiempo preparación:
10 mins


Paso a paso

Preheat oven to 200C / 400 F

1. Mix in a bowl all the ingredients to a smooth mixture and it may become quite liquid and bumpy .. Doesn’t matter !
Mini_German_Pancakes2 Mini_German_Pancakes3 Mini_German_Pancakes4 Mini_German_Pancakes5 Mini_German_Pancakes6 Mini_German_Pancakes7 Mini_German_Pancakes8

2. Grease base of cupcakes with PAM spray or butter and pour your mixture to the middle high of each cupcake.
Mini_German_Pancakes9 Mini_German_Pancakes10 Mini_German_Pancakes11

3. Bake for 15 min, they should be golden and fluffy.


* Fill with whatever you want ! I added blackberry jam and raspberries with whipped cream !

My rating … 10!