Popcorn Gigi Appétit

! Popcorn with Salted Caramel+ Bacon Bits + Melted Chocolate ! Popcorn Gigi Appétit! Popcorn with Salted Caramel+ Bacon Bits + Melted Chocolate ! I share my favorite popcorn recipe for this rainy afternoon and accompany them with a good movie! Yes! They are not traditional .. But breaking the rules you discover new flavors! Here goes step by step .. Pretty easy! And if you ask about the “Salty Caramel” .. I do it and sell it! FOR DETAILS ! BY INBOX!

2 personas
Tiempo cocción:
5 minutos
Tiempo preparación:
10 minutos


Paso a paso

1. Cook bacon and chop into pieces. Melt your chocolate in the microwave for 40 seconds and save for later.
popcorn12. Prepare your popcorn as you normally would for me is a process .. of 2:50 in the microwave.
popcorn43. Pour your popcorn into a large bowl and add bacon bits + Caramel + Melted Chocolate.
popcorn2 popcorn3 popcorn5 popcorn6 popcorn7
4. Stir well and enjoy while hot!

Tip. * Melt your Caramel as well a little in the microwave to make it easier to spread.